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  1. Havent logged in quite long time and silent hunter is still active. Cheers bro, keep it up.
  2. Bump Bump NoOne use forum?? No more x1r on da road??? lol... Anyway... just question, anyone, Front fork new ( how much ?? ) KYB can direct fit?
  3. No promotion page for july on your web? Mean no promotion this month?
  4. I just changed last week shorter type., , GIVI rack only costs around 30+, others less than that. Mine is not GIVI, including labor costs 34$
  5. lol, I have been on this experience, spec 1 rider before. Spark/jupiter/x1r/sniper/etc, cdi you can find orignal or even a lot of after market reliable ones ,,
  6. I agree Overall something wrong with head light position and handle bar ( that you can't install with clamp version aftermarket") seeing on the road, headlight so low and it doesn't stand up like fz16 or duke.
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