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  1. Fq14a u buy this plate from carousell?
  2. Selling drz 400cc k8.. Priced nego till let go... Reason for sale wanna buy class 2... Exporter are well come.. Pipe street legal gpr, coverset still in pristine condition.. Front mudguard and head been replaced 2 weeks ago.. Plate 3 digits.. Fz???p Anything pm me.. Thank you...
  3. u stay woodlands right??ur cbr400 micron pipe is really loud and u like to perah2 near woodland north plaza right...

  4. Mahal jerz.. Iphone 3gs 16gb jerz..

  5. Mahal jerz.. Iphone 3gs 16gb jerz..

  6. serious? pass aku x1 ah. tak bilang! aku nak iphone! carikan! hp ape lagi kau ade?

    aku down 1000 beh installment 104/mth for 3 years

  7. Iphone 4 aku 32gb aku trade gan iphone 3gs 16gb... =)

  8. Xl200?? Rape kau beli.. Klw tahu kau ader lincence aku lehz pass kau krr aku atau x-1... Aku ader 3 mtr.. Pening.. Hahaz... Naseb semua byr cash... Hahaz

  9. sialah! aku nak! grrrrr!!!!! dah baru beli, XL200R

  10. Haha.. Baru jual... Aku dgr kau ader licence mtr ehk!?? Aper mtr kAu bwk?

  11. Baby lah. Jual iphone kepe? Hahah

  12. Nahz... Too less

  13. Nahz... Too less

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