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  1. Sorry post wrongly

  2. Quote: Originally Posted by nash_1126 Me & my wife want to extend our sincere invitation to members of Club XJR Singapore to a lunch & join us in celebrating the arrival of our first daughter, (1st XJR baby), Marissa Qaisara. Details as below :- Date : 4th July 2009 (Saturday) Time : From 1pm til 8pm. Location : Marsiling Rise Function will be held at Blk. 130 void deck. For those members who is coming, please confirm your attendance below :- 1. xjrredbull & wife 2. abangsham & gf 3. SPanrry 4. AzMean and only AzMean 5. Wolfener 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Wah! look like our club has more and more activities! Bekok waterfall trip... Durian eating trip... Fishing trip.... So when is our trip to Thailand! Ha Ha!
  4. Actually, I kind of like the fighting spirit rear light! Furthermore there are now not many fighting spirit in singapore...
  5. Thanks for the invite but maybe next time. I am currently fixing up my dominator and should be able to join you all for riding soon. Thanks!
  6. Hi All! I met up with the owner of the said bike on Sat. The seller is actually the boss of a second-hand car dealership. Beside dealing in second hand car, he is also involve in exportation of 2nd-hand bikes. The bike is still available and the price is negotiable. Do call up Steve if you are interested in the bike and want to arrange for a viewing. I would however not list down the good/bad of the bike as it is not rightful of me to do so. Furthermore opinions differ between people. I did however attached a few photos of the bike for your info. Thank You
  7. Unfortuantely, this week cannot... the bloody cough still there, I want to fully recover first...
  8. Can "Ta Pao" the durian back from Malaysia for me anot? I no bike leh!
  9. Alamak! Just got to know you are Foo, whom Bull has been telling me about! Sorry thought u are the seller... ok will contact the guy personally. Thanks!
  10. Wow! XJR for sales! Mind if i take a look? I am half-minded in getting a XJR after crashing my 13. But if the condition is good. Maybe Bull and myself can recommend to people that are interested.
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