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  1. Yes still available, sorry typo about the mileage. Its 34,000km.
  2. Selling my 2006 R1200ST, COE ending 2026. Decided to let go cos bike was rarely ridden even though it's intended as a weekend joyride machine. Mileage is only around 34000km+. Price is looking at 13k negotiable. Interested pls pm me to discuss. Am open to trade with maxi scooters or smaller bikes as well.
  3. the pegaso is single or parallel twin?
  4. hehe one is a silver 1k and the other is a matt black 650?
  5. Haiya...less 1 strom kaki soon...hopefully ano can take over soon hehe..Den Endau how ah?
  6. yalor 650 population in sgp very small only leh...I believe most owners shud be pretty satisfied with their 650 for a long while...If u are looking at 2nd hand maybe can consider the 1000. Better for 2up riding fully loaded and with power to spare...FC wise the '06 model shud fare better. Worth considering and worth bargaining with Mr Lee.
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