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  1. Letting go at $28,800 (nego) -COE till 2023 -Mileage 12,000 (servicing done) -New Brake pads -Clear clutch cover -Full Ohlins Suspention system -Quick shifter -Giving Temi exhaust -Low mileage -Never Track -Alway park under shelter Selling due to upgrading Loan can be arrange (Max $20k) Contact and view - 8123 7773
  2. Brother 736cc, what model is this yellow honda? Saw one at my car park. Wonder anyone selling.
  3. Hi I'm selling my monster 796 2013 dec bike. Red colour. Fuel consumption 20km/l. 70% on expressway. PM me of interested. Thanks
  4. Selling m796 2013 Dec. 23k red colour.
  5. HI,interested in ur OW...97644507

  6. Anyone riding a M1100S which want to sell?
  7. hi bro, is your number ap 27 c still selling?

  8. Hi is you number plate AR 91 E still available?

  9. Hi is you number plate AQ 30 L still available?

  10. Hi all! Would like to check with you all senior, how much is this XY1200z OTR now?
  11. Thanks mate! The off road I'm talking about are those kampo dirt road. Since it's cat in adv bike, it's should able to take the rough use, I think.
  12. Hi to all MTS1200 riders, seen like that's a number of MTS in J.islands, already saw 3 diff bike inside. This is my next bike to get. Would like to check with you guy who are already riding it, other than the heavy price tag, is that anything I need to be mental prepare for? Can the bike really go off road? What's are the pros and cons? Thank you very much!
  13. Welcome to order aftermarket parts! log on to http://www.pjme.co.uk We are gathering order now. you can PM mesab0ogie or me. thanks!
  14. Can ride into sentosa???
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