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  1. 0300 on 23/07 then return on the same day mid night is super siong.. It is like 24 hrs w/o rest n sleep.. Too dangerous to ride back to sg..
  2. Ooo.. For me i mostly travel at ard 160km/hr on nshw w/ or w/out pillion
  3. Depends on how fast u ride n how long u gonna rest @ the r&r lo.. Estimate time if going @ 160-180km/hr is ard 4hrs like tat..
  4. U organise lo.. I will try to join as i on standby this wk n got ot from 1-7pm
  5. Wkend morning wont jam for bikes de la.. I always go b4 11am no prob de
  6. Sms u liao.. Go by 1st link also can clear carbon 1 leh.. Just enter nshw can liao.. If u wan i can show u the way.. Haha.. New jb road where got slippery? Lol.. Alot of uneven road n holes all over is true.. Just careful can liao.. As for those cub kia i nv give a dam sh1t to them.. Race them is a waste of time n insult my k9.. No kick in winning them also..
  7. Yup.. Agree.. Even if wan to go for speed n thrill.. From jb also can go to nshw in less than 10min from custom.. Anyway tmr i going jb in the morning for petrol, breakfast/lunch n wash bike.. Interested parties feel free to join
  8. Bro.. I stay bedok also.. But i always go jb to pump.. Tuas is really outta the wat for me.. Very lugi if go there cos of the toll n touch n go
  9. idling or going at low speed will go up to 100 easily.. cruising speed at 100km/hr temp mostly at 78
  10. Me lo.. 1 wk min 1-2 times for petrol.. But i dun go in day time as i need go work.. Wkend daytime no prob for me
  11. so excited... going to fix up my brembo brake tmr.. cant wait to see the difference in the braking power after the change.. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2131052631611&set=a.1631376860029.2091444.1104857835&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2131052591610&set=a.1631376860029.2091444.1104857835&type=1&theater
  12. Yup indeed is sun - tues.. Rate is cheap as i book it with 1880 WP.. wanted to book it with 3GP but no more liao.. Anyway just need take 2 days off so it ok la.. N it is not tat crowded as well..
  13. Genting trip on 17-19 July.. i had book the room using my worldcard n will be riding there.. anyone wanna join? 1) Lyoniel aka casper 2) 3) 4) Insert ur name into the list if u wanna join.. pls also book the room..
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