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  1. This are the flippers that try to act sincere in getting your bike at the cheapest price. The bike is 10 years old, i sell so cheap because there is problems that needs to be fixed. Which problem on the bike that i did not mentioned to you on viewing? Please state here! I msg u no reply? Please show screen shot here... Show picture of your shop receipt showing problems that u fixed which I did not mentioned? All items are what i recommend u to replace and repair... And you accepted.. If bike at good condition will sell u at $880?? You dreaming or born yesterday?
  2. Got myself a fuoco after putting it on bucket list for many years.... How many of you still ride one these days? haha
  3. I am quite keen on a DCT VFR1200F as well... Recently missed a good deal so on a look out.
  4. Bro, are you serious? You bought my CBF at low price of $880 when I have other buyers willing to pay higher but I honor it to you. Then now you repost and sell it at $2000 in less than 1 week? Wtf you flipper?
  5. Excellent condition FZ6N touring Edition for sale Reason to sell: This is my 3rd bike, not enough butt for them. COE Expiry: April 2028 COE rebate as of Dec 2019: $6,500.00 (So you only paying $3000 for the bike + $6500 for the COE which you can get back anytime by scrapping. Total $9500 to me, negotiable) Engine condition: 8.5/10 Cosmetic: 7.5/10 (Bike wrapped in 2018 at Juzzwheel, paid $350. Should be the only Blue with Black racing strip) Mileage: 103,000km (low for a 11 yo bike) FC: Average 20km/L so it's nearly 380km for one full tank. One of the best in its class and even withi
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