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  1. . Buying a 2nd hand spec 3 should be enough.. If u getting a car do consider dat u must at least earn $2500 per mth if ur single, $3500 if ur married, $4000if ur married with kids... Alot of people i knew dat have cars got a problem makin end meets... But the choice is yours... No one can stop what u want to spend it on, u only live once...
  2. Mercedes E200 NGT comes fully stock with NGT system from the manufacturer..
  3. Go BBDC better, more experienced instructors, u can practice more circuit lessons over there AND check out those babes with skirts... Ahahaha...
  4. Mechanic friendly and give good advice, bosses also friendly that what i can say from my first time experience... Will be there again to repair my rim..
  5. Can anyone recommend me a pair of tyres that have good grip and last longer? Metzeler Sportec M3 or Bridgestone BT021 better?
  6. Well i would like to thank u again s4vtec for u help in fixing up my flat tyre. Although i dont really know u, what amazes me he offered to help me recover and fix my rear flat tyre on 1st day of CNY! Most chinese would be busy celebrating their holidays.. Well he offered to pick me up at my place and to the location of my bike, well he reached at my place ard 25 minutes after we ended our msn conversation.. Then went to alexandra village coz i park my bike there... Then there he help me insert 2 worm on my rear tyre... any my bike is up and running for now.. i need to change the tyre w
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