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  1. hi , im selling the 7 month old tire but rear tire has been patched before . Its still thick and good to use if u are not touring Price $ 100 for both front and back ( can arrange for meet up ) thank you
  2. bro msg me for the tyre if still interested

  3. Bro how much u change the Fjr clutch housing. Where u changed ?

  4. Hi how many t10 bulbs

  5. attach the photo of my mileage in my ad....

  6. Bro what is ur miledge . Care to share

  7. Is the offer still avail, but its say till 24/7/2011

  8. yes , still interested u want . let me know

  9. bro im looking for sport touring tire for mine r1 . any recommendation , whats is ur best seller sport touring tire . tks

  10. bro u got denso iridium plugs for r1 1999 plus installation . let me know

  11. bro..u selli d windshield at $100 or $140???i interested...let me know...

  12. U have 10w 40w motul 5100 & 300v

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