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  1. 6 dec 2017 37,016km shell r4 1100ml engine oil
  2. 6 dec 2017 18,623km means 218,623km changed Caltex delo mgx 850ml changed fuel cork assy / fuel cock stopper RM32 genuine Yamaha made in Thailand last time changed this fuel cork was on 3/11/2012 161,959km
  3. 21 aug 2017 32967km means 132967km air filter engine oil shell R4 1100ml ngk g power plug orelube lc77 grease swingarm bush changed choke cable - first in 12 yrs. RM18 changed 2nd valve reed NTN bearing 2 front and 2 rear wheels. RM14 1 pc NTN bearing rear wheel hub sprocket. RM16 tighten all nut and bolts wd-40 moving parts
  4. 5/7/17 14768km means 214,768km service bike with caltex dot 4 brake fluid Caltex delo engine oil redline 5w suspension oil for front fork tighten steering cone handle
  5. i saw one couple aunty uncle riding rs150r red color the color is the same color sold in msia it seems ythis model comes from Indonesia parallel import anyway, this bike in msia has no complains so worth to buy in spore
  6. piston jam cause oil pump 9 tooth broken 24/2/2017 12,416km means 212,416km piston cylinder lay/bore piston ring piston 0.25 genuine yamaha parts:- Gasket cylinder head oil pump sub assy gear pump driven filter rotary valve intake and exhaust valve seal NTN camshaft bearing lesson : must change oil pump every 100,000km
  7. 16/3/2017 meter: 26,140km means 126,140km changed oil pump set to be safe then sorry gear oil pump driven RM30 pump assy engine oil RM100 new set E30 use thin aluminium housing gasket clutch cover RM6 lesson: suzuki oil pump system can change every 125,000km
  8. Hi Gun. can email me the service manual of raider ? My email is [email protected]. Thanks.

  9. two days ago at TCP expressway, I saw one old couple - aunty uncle riding red color square lamp c70. WOW. dem cool
  10. Suzuki Raider Meter: 54772 6 July 2011 Cam chain tension adjuster = Tensioner changed Electric Ignition switch service Changed one pair Suzuki shogun original side mirror
  11. well done for your bravery !!!! impossible for me to imitate more pictures if you have time.
  12. ok very good. with all the coe and bike price high. better to keep cub kia and travel lightly
  13. yesterday i went for night riding. On sunday don't go. the highway is jem pack crowded especially on the silly single lane. I at 10pm whacking . Crowded so don't have the feeling I will try under heacy mist at 4am with all the lights on the road reflectors. Will be dem cool like flying plane on hangar airport. Must try when no one driving there. Sunday is not advisable.
  14. this thread is moving very fast. this bike c70 is hot
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