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  1. btw if anyone wanna let go their M821 or M1200 Termignoni Silencer let me know. dB killer or Silencer whatever u call it.
  2. there are a few company doing sliders. evotech r&g etc . . . .
  3. just completed my 1000km run in. will update again, if anyone interested. P.S my bike sometimes i feel abit under untilised. 1 week maybe move out 2 time.
  4. great writeup. as for my 821 was 15km/l (manual calculation), the meter display 19-20km/l
  5. as far as i understand, only minerva has the exclusive rights to bring in termis pipe for ducati. unless you ship in yourself.
  6. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/425336-WTS-Monster-821-Spindle-Sliders Monster 821 R&G Spindle Sliders For Monster 821 only.
  7. yeah because of the rain. it has been sitting in the carpark, not moving. backside feeling itchy.
  8. Cb1000r still available?

  9. anyone got a Ducati 695? is there 2nd hand 695 available? 1st hand price? I'm loving this bike
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