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  1. Shark Audio. With Bluetooth function. Splash proof speakers
  2. John. I am looking to install speakers onto the g650gt. keen? looking at malossi kit too. they claim that the c650gt can climb to 180km/h non stop in 18 seconds. wanna share shipping?
  3. Just did my 10,000km servicing. Cost about $260.
  4. Hi everyone in Pasir ris, Was thinking of having a Mini Outing for our pasir ris riders? maybe meet up for drinks and chit chat hope thoese interested would kindly add their names in the list cheers Guys & Ladies are all welcome, all different class of Bikes are also welcome cheers 1: warrior aka Rex ( R1 08) 92718918 2: bernardk (CB1K) 97676441 3: Charles (HondaShadow4) 91767573 4: Paul (roadking) 98009580 5: 6: 7: 8: so on
  5. morning bro, GSA comes with the side frames for mounting panniers, but no free panniers and no free top-case. GS1200 does not come with the side frames to mount panniers. hope this helps
  6. hi bro. we are closed on sundays. BMW Motorrad Showroom is open from mondays to fridays, 9am to 5.30pm. saturdays, 9am to 4pm. we are at 896 dunearn road, Sime Darby Centre.
  7. halo! it's packet of wanton noodle, not 1 ton! with posionous bruthers surrounding him, the poor dude had not way out but to sign. lol! thanks guys!
  8. haha, same reasons for me too, but i did send my Rk in once due to fly by wire problem. pro harley shops outside cant do that, so i went back. i personally prefer brembos...
  9. bro, since you still have warranty, better to use it while it's still valid
  10. bro gixxer75: did you talk to your sale guy? Kim or Daniel?
  11. i'm ok for the meetup. please post a time n venue here
  12. i wish all bros and gals here a happy and prosperous chinese year!!! HUAT AHHHHHH!!!
  13. check with eden aka bluegrazer. he may have a sapre lying around at home
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