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  1. lol. soon it will be your turn liao lar.
  2. my batt is due for a change. can any kind soul recommand me which type of batt to buy and the cost? many many thanks!
  3. Bro, so far got any offer? How much is the highest?

  4. bro how much is this on s4?? and the price for front and rear axle slider... http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l212/shadowles85/super4exhaust2.jpg
  5. indeed its very nice looking, one of my dream bike. i remember i saw in this forum brand new is $29k OTR ........
  6. these few days nv rain leh so dunnoe yet.....
  7. aiya kana spoted...... sorry dude...borrow your pic coz its nice mah..
  8. archer: any idea when is micron end can for S4 coming?? wait very long liao......
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