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  1. Allen

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi guys, is it illegal to drill holes at exhaust?
  2. Hey bro, i'm the one riding TA150 at Pasir Ris.. The one you help me spray matt black. How you doing?

  3. Allen

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi, I would like to thanks a harley rider yesterday my friend met an accident on the bend to pie/tpe near the bend. Thanks for helping us out!
  4. Hi bro,


    Do you have phantom ta150 fuel tank for sale? Btw do you know where to get straightbars for phantom too?



  5. Hi bro, any chance you selling your phantom 150? I'm interested pm me. ^^

  6. Allen

    Chain Lube

    Any good method for cleaning chain? My chain is super dirty black. Tried spraying water and use a toothbrush... My chain is still in dirty condition
  7. Any bros know how to tune 2t settings? I travel around 300km per week. My bike eat finish 1 bottle of 2t 1100km
  8. Yeah, fuel consumption is bad. But then 2 stroke bike is really a good and fast ride.
  9. Because fuel consumption high compared to TA200.
  10. Allen

    Chain Lube

    Hey guys thanks for the recommendation! Keep them coming! Anyone tried using 2T or any other lube? Since 1 uncle use a brush and 2T to lube his chain.
  11. Do you guys lube your chain regularly? I'm now using holts chain-lube, after applying will always stain my rims badly.. Any good chain-lube to recommend?
  12. Some of the SP are already sold..

  13. Pls do not dig all the old threads out..

  14. You sibei suey the mod keep delete your thread...

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