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  1. Hey can add me inside ws group. My no. 81330830

  2. hi trying my luck. Do you still have your Zard baffles?

  3. kite turun sunday.. ali bsok mlm da turun sane, sapu2 tempat tu dulu...
  4. how much PC5 + dyno, and dyno only? For z1000 10/11. Thanks in advance..
  5. dEeLdo


  6. http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/1130500/ heres the link.. i recently read news about it, but its in French.. & cant recall which website...
  7. hie ppl... may i ask, do any of u guys noe wether the new CB 1000 R will come to SG??? & when?? the headlight is a sure beauty!
  8. try askin ard shops in jb bro.. ahboy jb told me before dat some stolen ones are being sold at some of the shops... this thieves sell it to shops, & shops sell to us...
  9. just to double confirm, dis are prices w/o COE rite?? cus i dun see any with a * marked.. anybody ???
  10. I think the bike shop deserves to be angry... i mean anybody wud if we were in deir shoes.. BUT the shop lyk f**k to add dis add dat, new amt of dis dat & storage fee??? dat particular pattern somehow seems familiar.. heard it happened before to a friend, but it's beside shop S!
  11. 4 stroke?? den i guess it wont be as powerful as rs125 den, for this class...
  12. bumped into mr bull just now.. had a lil chat, & damn!! hez exhaust ah, GILA ah??!!!
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