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  1. Anyone got info whether if LTA still can transfer ownership name of yoshimura exhaust and able to pass inspection? Anyone recently had done it?
  2. Hi guys, did any of u guys check with LTA or MOTOWORLD regarding the legal aftermarket exhaust for Jupiter mx??? Its been 4 years since Jupiter mx came out in singapore and till now no legal aftermarket exhaust.....
  3. Hi Why u looking for my fb page?

  4. Hey i cant find your fb page. Can you link me?

  5. Hey bro dun mind ah how u guys usually check if your cbr400 the patrol gona finish? I mean the bike dun have fuel meter wat rite...

  6. How come suddenly talking about PGM? hahaha kinda off topic guys.....pls advice me guys...Thanks...
  7. Ouh nothing happen? Thats cool man. Like this means i also can ride my RVF up to there....As for super 4 spec 2..that wan no need ask wan..sure can tahan up to KL...hahaha..No la bro i like RVF only...haha...RVF powerful and eye attracting...the sound of it is solid....nth is compared bro...u should know man...i know its exp...nvm bro slowly i save loh....
  8. Ouh heat? damm...Bro ask u ah...have u brought your bike to KL before or u know anywan got bring RVF to KL before? I love RVF. But i also planned to upgrade to bigger bike once i got class 2. Its kinda hard to get a good condition RVF within my budget of 5k....all exp sia..hahah
  9. Does anywan know how much is the NTUC income insurance for RVF/Super 4 for a 20 years old guy with third party?
  10. Hahahaha ya man....why your RVF cannot take it? But so far RVF is manageable la...
  11. Ouh got lobang for RVF parts ah bro? cause i abit newbie leh for class 2A....But even though i love RVF....I just dun wish to spend a bomb repairing them always....Same goes to honda nsr sp.....so far ok ah i can maintain it.....But RVF i scared sia..hahahah...And bro ask u ah can RVF go all the way to KL? cause i need to travel once a month to KL...So i scared whether RVF cannot tahan till there...Cause later overheating or breakdown all....I know lot of people say super 4 no problem wan....lol...Thanks bro....
  12. ouh...PGM also power ah bro....but dream bike RVF man....Even though i dun use it on the trace. Its just for my passion..
  13. One of my friend told me RVF is a powerful bike and can go up to KL without any overheating and breakdown...I just hope wat he said its really true....cause my dream bike for 2A is RVF. But Many people say dun buy all...Haiz...I headache sia....hahah
  14. Ouhh haha...So overall i guess super 4 spec 2 eh? I want spec 3 but too exp liao...Nevermind just change spec 2 tail to spec 3 wan..lol..
  15. yeah..But it actually all depends on the previous owner of how they maintain the bike...Like example of honda nsr sp also very old bike..But some honda sp never give problems wan...so ya..
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