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  1. sharing what I learnt after having to retake my Class 2B gotten my 2B in Jan1995, 2A in Dec1996, 2 in Mar1998, 3 in Nov2002. Those were the days when 16yo can ride!! all my bike licenses was settled at SSDC at AMK. CL3 at CDC, private instructor. Having to lost them all in 2015 was a bad day. Bloody Jaywalkers!!! But Time passes fast. when I am able to retake them again. I saved up and went for it. retook my CL 3 in 2018, passed 1st time, SSDC retook my 2B during Covid19 period. passed 1st time too. SSDC started in Jul 2020, Passed in Feb 2021. the pain of waitin
  2. Lucky you!! very rare torque monster!! I will be looking got 1 too soon..
  3. The link is down. Bike sold? Sent from my HTC One E9PLUS dual sim using Tapatalk
  4. Bro, bike COE expires when? Sent from my HTC One E9PLUS dual sim using Tapatalk
  5. Hi,


    Just wondering how much did you sold your fuoco for?



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