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  1. Sup bro, mind if we can meetup la kopi or somethings? hahahhaa. I hope i dun sound weird but cos i wanna know more things and parts /accessories for GTS 200. wadsapp me at nine 2 2 eight four 5 6 6. :)

  2. oh where is the regular meet up place?
  3. i am using Ducabike clutch slave. Got it from Unique.
  4. sorry bro i just saw your post... i got my short tail from Minerva. by the way i am not sure if they have any for m400. U can try to search for R&G they make tail tidy for most of the Ducati.
  5. ya i had it install last week... i use the original Ducati short tail not the after market.
  6. any monster owner had install the short tail for their monster? will kena stop by tp or not?
  7. wah gnixer making a come back... i waiting for time... hopefully by april can make it...
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