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    One of the better looking full sized 2b dirt bikes/enduro bike registered 2018 COE till October 2028 road tax November 2021 Mileage - 23500km, not using anymore. Just parked in office. Not used for deliveries! Never dropped under my care. List of stuff done to the bike since I bought it in November 2020 - EO & Oil filter changed every 2k km or 1.5 months whichever comes first. EO i use is Amsoil Dirt 10w50, feels the best! BMC Air filter DID X Ring chain - lubed every week with 75w90 gear oil, still looks perfect Spark plug Denso iridium changed @ 18k km Coolant flush just done, changed to Engine Ice. Dunlop D604 front and rear tyres, lots of life left. Adjustable Brake/Clutch levers Acerbis Supermoto Xstrong Handguards SHIN YO Superbike/supermoto mirrors mounted underslung Rear brake pads and disc just changed @ 20k km Brake bleeding just done with Brembo Dot4 @ 23.3k km I take very good care of the bike, did all of the above servicing myself. Services done @ shop - Steering cone bearings, fork seals Will come with all the spares I bought for the bike - 6 x Oil filters, brake pads, spare brake disc, spare gear shift lever, spare clutch cable, spare air filter, spare gear lever Non urgent sale, please don't lowball Full cash only, got lobang for cheap reloan. Promo for June. If you want motard wheelset, I got lobang as well Please PM for more pics, IU has been relocated since pic was taken for a cleaner look. Can come view, no obligations! Strictly no test rides, can start the bike for you and ride it around for you to have a listen and look at the bike. Number of owners higher because of transfer to bike shop. Should be 1 previous owner and me only.

    9,000.00 SGD

    - SG

  2. Ex hougang rider can? hahaha, moved to punggol
  3. Yeah hahaha, my tyres are so bad in the mud! Just read you ride a T700 too... nice!
  4. Alright, i'll update as well if i find anything! Only recently went to that ONE spot that everyone knows, a little bit tough going solo haha
  5. Sorry for the late reply @SBF, bike feels pretty sluggish below 5000rpm, someone suggested I should go try throttle body cleaning and injector cleaning. My bike is a bit tough cos it's PI and I think basically no one has seen this bike before haha. I'm deciding on a day to dismantle the throttle body out myself and try to wash it DIY since I've started doing basic maintenance myself now with a dirt bike stand!
  6. Hi! I know it's a bit late but will you be going exploring again? I'm on an aprilia rx125 with 70/30 DS tyres.
  7. Hi all, riding a pretty rare bike but would like to have the above services done.. 2018 aprilia rx125 thx in advance
  8. went for my prac 3 in smart 4, so no problem!
  9. Thanks!!! Managed to retard my left foot hahaha! Passed on my 2nd try! So happy! Time for prac 5 >
  10. I do the down shift instinctively..... Wah lao. Go e-brake thrice, twice I downshift immediately. First time improper safety procedure. Sighhhhhhhhhhh
  11. Failed my prac 4... failed E brake. Everything pass except when I stop, I immediately shift down zzzzz
  12. Wah why no one help me block hahaha. Going for prac 4 later 4.30!!!
  13. Passed my prac 3 on my first try.. finally!!! Something which I don't have to repeat! 0 problems on the slope! Although the steps are really confusing. My bike had some overheating issues, idle went up to 3k while queuing to enter fig 8.. then it died. Super hot and I wasn't wearing my boots... Panicked, asked around. Lucky got a fella taking class 2 beside me and he told me to use the kick start... right I forgot the bike has a kick start. 4th kick, go! Came out with a time of 10.5x, heng ah. Prac 4 this friday at 4pm!! Also, its my first practical at night(evening). So much more comfortable! So cooling.
  14. Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try to do that. I should, SHOULD have no problems doing fig 8 and crank course. Throwing that little ybr around is kinda fun! Best of luck for your prac 5!!
  15. Weee, passed my prac 2 on my 2nd try. Hot as ****! Was in my smart 4 some more. Learnt to not book midday lessons.. Prac 3 on monday! Learnt to book multiple slots and then just cancel as I pass. Read that prac 3 is about slope. My greatest fear!!!! I stopped while riding up an extremely steep slope in cambodia... someone had to hold the back of my bike to prevent me from rolling back so I can move off hahaha. @twinings, i took my prac 1 four times even though i skipped the bang wall part. The high speed low speed braking really quite tough to get used to but if you listen to exactly what the instructor says then okay already.
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