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  1. Alright, i'll update as well if i find anything! Only recently went to that ONE spot that everyone knows, a little bit tough going solo haha
  2. Sorry for the late reply @SBF, bike feels pretty sluggish below 5000rpm, someone suggested I should go try throttle body cleaning and injector cleaning. My bike is a bit tough cos it's PI and I think basically no one has seen this bike before haha. I'm deciding on a day to dismantle the throttle body out myself and try to wash it DIY since I've started doing basic maintenance myself now with a dirt bike stand!
  3. Hi! I know it's a bit late but will you be going exploring again? I'm on an aprilia rx125 with 70/30 DS tyres.
  4. Hi all, riding a pretty rare bike but would like to have the above services done.. 2018 aprilia rx125 thx in advance
  5. Hey guys, would like to check, anyone on a rxk/s did touring before? I intend to ride up to Phuket on a bobber or a cafe racer
  6. wait.. pak phi's sister?

  7. LOL i just saw your msg!

  8. Ahcai.. now I know where you disappear to after SMBF... haha.

  9. Sup Fabian, KP here. Using real name here though

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