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  1. Bro..i tried to pm you but your inbox is full..However, my hp no is 97682437. hope to receive msg from you soon about the szf/m. thanks

  2. Bro u still have ram1? M size preferred. Is-97979343

  3. Hey u stil have speedking or ram3 flat grey? If hv pm me or text me at 90760092

  4. Hi saw your thread okada arai still avail

  5. Hi bro, was wondering do you have any spare/extra/reserved stock of Arai RamIII Riptide Pink?

    Please do let me know asap if it still available.

    Highly appreciated.


    M'sia Buyer.

  6. hi bro..this helmet still available.??


    Model : Arai Ram II Baby Blue(Rare)

    Size : L (59~60cm)

    Condition : 8.5/10

    Selling : 588 only (No bag)

    Status : Available

  7. hi bro . do u hve jforce2 in stock ?

  8. any shoei or arai open face to sell??

  9. Bro im looking for arai sz ram3 riptide red

    And pink in M size?

    Contact me at 98417356

  10. hello, do you still have the arai Model : Arai MX II (Rare)

    Size : M (57~58cm)

    Condition : 9/10

    Selling : 318 Only (No bag)

    Status : Available

    if yes, how much it cost? And can you send me to portugal?

  11. hii bos...im looking for shoei jforce 2...tq

  12. hi bro, i currently finding any used arai helmet, price below of $400 pm me thanks!

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