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  1. collected yet? i believe wha u purchased is a PI unit, if HL is to be believed.
  2. hi .. zach here.. are u devil-suzy frens... i look for him .. i buy over his fren bike but haven collect the pipe ... i lost contact .. kindly help to let him noe i looking for him or send me he contact ... my contact 91727121.

  3. hello there how are u

  4. ç¥ä½ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹, 你笑å£å¸¸é–‹, 你身体å¥åº·, 你財æºæ»¾æ»¾, 你万事如æ„, 你好我好,世界更好。:cheers:

  5. yogi

    heyhey... actually been riding a used Apr 08 Tmax for 2 weeks liao... dats why the asking on exhaust & addons... jus dun wanna to announce to the whole world.. shy ma

  6. gong xi fai chai!

    how ve u been?? why so quiet uh?

  7. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    oi oi mai sabo.. simi gor gor simi lao da... treat me invisible i like u more
  8. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    simi status? i ain't no ah beng ley
  9. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    aiya u dunno wan la.. nw i leave my xiao hong in mscp, take bus go work u dun find more F1 car drivers ard meh?? no $ to pay for repairs if kena u knw ya dink gd.. can dismount & push on pavements to siam erp
  10. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    dunno abt the bros & sistas hereee... machines price is $12k++.. + coe + insurance + IU... i dun print $$ u noe
  11. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    aiyo... went c liao... heng!! oni thing i like is the 15 inch wheels... price i dun like. headlight i dun like. colors available i dun like. exhaust too kiao i dun like.
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