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  1. @ yeah... many things oledi like dis: implemented (but not effective) then 'conveniently' forgot to remove; egs. 2 is enough policy, hawker table cleaning fees (nw rtn ur own tray) food prices still stuck at pre tray-rtn level
  2. as long as buyers continue to buy regardless of coe price and the government continue to ignore the fact that bikeshops are gaming the system, bike prices can only go up.
  3. collected yet? i believe wha u purchased is a PI unit, if HL is to be believed.
  4. hi .. zach here.. are u devil-suzy frens... i look for him .. i buy over his fren bike but haven collect the pipe ... i lost contact .. kindly help to let him noe i looking for him or send me he contact ... my contact 91727121.

  5. hello there how are u

  6. ç¥ä½ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹, 你笑å£å¸¸é–‹, 你身体å¥åº·, 你財æºæ»¾æ»¾, 你万事如æ„, 你好我好,世界更好。:cheers:

  7. yogi

    heyhey... actually been riding a used Apr 08 Tmax for 2 weeks liao... dats why the asking on exhaust & addons... jus dun wanna to announce to the whole world.. shy ma

  8. gong xi fai chai!

    how ve u been?? why so quiet uh?

  9. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    oi oi mai sabo.. simi gor gor simi lao da... treat me invisible i like u more
  10. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    simi status? i ain't no ah beng ley
  11. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    aiya u dunno wan la.. nw i leave my xiao hong in mscp, take bus go work u dun find more F1 car drivers ard meh?? no $ to pay for repairs if kena u knw ya dink gd.. can dismount & push on pavements to siam erp
  12. yogi

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    dunno abt the bros & sistas hereee... machines price is $12k++.. + coe + insurance + IU... i dun print $$ u noe
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