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  1. dont know how is this guy doing.. LOL..
  2. where do u get the side farring? can u kindly share? i had been looking for some time..
  3. because u are new.. try to talk c0ck in other thread to clock 50 posts..
  4. any guys can advise where can i get side faring for FZ1S?
  5. hi bro... saw u msg posted on my page ... i am actually looking for side farring for my 08 FZ1-S... do u happen to have it in stock or any kang tao getting 1?

  6. no need to gamble... just convert the 1mil into token 1st and then convert back into cash... the sentosa cove one, i dont think it will work... once u full cash, next day u will end up in CPIB lim kopi i think...
  7. no need receipt bro... u will only need to produce your IC/ passport at the counter while changing back to cash... this register is enough to polish your dirty money into crystal clear currency liao..
  8. or another way is to go casino... 1hr change 10k from 10 different table... within 10hr your 1mil can come clean and shiny...
  9. easy... use 250k to han tam in our two casino... balance 500k can buy 4d and toto ticket...
  10. if u can find her... what do u intend to do? what can u do actually?
  11. i did saw before a hot chick on a SP revealing abt 35% of her light blue panty... then i follow that SP for abt 1min before i exit for my destination... lol... its an eye candy indeed...
  12. http : //singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/669746/driver_distracted_as_pillion_rider_reveals_sexy_underwear.html
  13. i got the same problem 2 my bike last time... but doubt itz was juz water... coz got smell de... a very strong smell of petrol... i duno wad happen coz i sold it off le... lol..
  14. i think so too... but in wad way it looks cool??? like bai ka like tat... look more like dogs injured their leg...
  15. i used 2 wash at the mscp new my place... not using the 20cents water instead i use the firehose... now they close the main valve for the fire hose i suppose... the fire no water liao... i wonder if the mscp really caught fire someday how sia...
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