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  1. Found an entertainment accessory on my top box yesterday. If it's someone here who misplaced it, please send me a PM of the description of the item (what type/ brand/ color), where you think you've misplaced it. Cheers.
  2. Hi guys, I have some manuals for sale. 2004 Sporty, 1999 Dyna Glide. check it out in garage sale http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/371939-Harley-Davidson-Manuals
  3. BMW E-Scooter for City Riding. http://www.webbikeworld.com/BMW-motorcycles/bmw-e-scooter/index.htm
  4. yah, there will be at least me i think. tonight 10pm pump and back if nobody.
  5. like meeting the crush of his life.
  6. http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2008/12/boxingday.jpg
  7. http://www.waggysfancydress.co.uk/_borders/sexy_christmas.gif
  8. if the lines fit i dun suppose why not.
  9. it's a real headache sometimes i also upgraded from a sporty 1200R to the current Dyna FXDX, i think it feels good but not great enough.
  10. May be switching to Honda ST. No concrete plans as yet till bike can be sold.
  11. Selling my 99 Dyna FXDX http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/307476-1999-Harley-Davidson-Super-Glide-Sport-FXDX
  12. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_f3SZ5Tu916o/S8oMjXM7bVI/AAAAAAAAQfA/WHq5GqoU3vA/s1600/pedobear.png
  13. I would wrap so that I dun have to headache over shining the chrome.
  14. Bookmarked for reference.
  15. Thanks for some ideas. I am a lace-hater. Good for rain? I have the old leather boots which cracked already.
  16. prefer something presentable in office attire.
  17. I forgot if I had asked: But do you guys wear boots? Want to find a good pair that can be used in the rain and not get fishtanks after the ride.
  18. 6th August, riding there or just meet there?
  19. that sounds like a real turn off.
  20. So HD can do the installation of the TTs? I am hesitant to get them for the fear that I buy it and can't get it on right.
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