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  1. Interest Check. Black stock bike, what you see is what you get. Got it 2 years ago at 63k. Now at 73k. Serviced last week. Fully paid. -Nov 2024 -R77 w cert -R&G guard -Just passed inspection With number plate FZ8X 92708891
  2. OK la. There are some KR which didn't kena the rebate
  3. affordable - subjective. some think 10k for a 2b is exp. but some dont mind spending 13-15k on a 2b insurance - 3rd party is the cheapest see what u want at the end of the day since u are asking this question that means you are new to bike, normal maintenance will be engine oil around 2 to 3k km.
  4. i think so, so far so gd for the past few years
  5. there should be other methods then cash to pay..
  6. where do u service your rs250 at
  7. where u bought your bike from sia. just buy got problem liao
  8. 2nd hand wr in carousell going for less then 2k. parts are hard to find though
  9. you can go to him anytime if you have a good rapport with him. i have some carb settings with my RS previously and went to him, for his advise.
  10. hmm.. should i renew the coe now or wait? but wait till when? DRZ COE ending on Feb. tia
  11. COE till 24th November 2021. 09 model. Registered 2011. FBF plate. Own it since August 2014 with 9867km. 22k km++ now. Got it from a collector. Weekly ride after last August. Always covered in MSCP. Powerful class 2B. Arrow full system w cert Full set Motivation sliders w bar ends Tinted windshield Dellerto carb Titax levers(Yeah TITAX) K&N open port V force 3 valve TYGA rear fender Hella horn S21 tyres (less than 3k done w receipt) Afam X Ring Gold Chain Sprocket set(less than 3k done w receipt) Battery (less than 3k done w receipt) 3 books of manual(V good condition) B
  12. wa 3 months 1 bottle, like mine. but i seldom ride la how come become 1 bottle per month..lol ya of coz. but now weekly come in liao(was daily last time)
  13. is there a fb group to join for DRZ? tia
  14. As a rider, of course I hope it wont go up again. But lets kiv after the big event in September...
  15. yeah true. was looking for a 2b bike recently, and i must say his price are v reasonable.
  16. Any riders? Where to service this bike, and are parts available ? tia
  17. Actually, they do. My previous bike was from him. But bear in mind that their main scope is repair and service. Ah chong will only take in bikes (that fits into his criteria) if he wants..
  18. 2 stroke are v much easy on the maintenance. Had a KR for 4 years, and my RS for 3 years and still rolling. EO and 2T, thats all. of course, other misc like chain, brake fluid/pad is required too Worthwhile? What do you expect a 10-20 years old SP to worth? SP will require u to lean forward as compared to a rxz, some may find it uncomfortable. Sian? everyone will find it sian because there are 2a and class 2 bikes around. the only diff i can think of is the insurance price. a sports bike will be more costly. and since its a used bike dont expect to be in tip top.
  19. If you are getting a loan for your bike, you cant get 3rd party for it. It will be better if you get your own insurance, save cost(any admin fees).
  20. get a 2b, tahan till class 2
  21. We always look for a good/reliable staff to service our bike. But to trade-in? Just go to every corner and look for the one which gives you the best buck la. Be hardworking and put in some effort if you want to save some money. If not, no use asking around Wait hello, why dig old tread. Half a year liao leh. Think ts enjoying his ride liao lol
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