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  1. No separate sale of parts pls. Thx
  2. $29k only! í ½í¸‰í ½í¸‰í ½í¸‰
  3. Everyting on d bikes goes for $29k!!
  4. No price hike! Everyting on d bikes goes for $29k!!
  5. Ace Custom has something similiar to wat u r looking for. Located at 91 Defu Lane 10. Look for Tony... Hope tis helps.
  6. Early morn downpour spoilt d sunrise/breakfast ride manz....
  7. Boss, shall we hava a mt up tmrw nite??
  8. Boss, when r we mting up for a ride again? Bean curd tis time or d usual pl?
  9. Lta road block at Kaki bukit bhind shun li industrial park towards Vicom! Beware guys!
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