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  1. Hello S1000R owners - can you share your experiences with the engine heat? I don't have a good read on how big of an issue this really is. Most of my rides would be 25mins to the office in business casual clothing (dress pants) or running errands in shorts. I don't plan on riding for hours at a time. I would really appreciate any engine heat experiences you can share! Is riding in shorts pretty much impossible? Thanks for your input!!!
  2. Hi all, Thank you for reading! I'm looking for some advice. I am considering buying a BMW S1000R and would be using it as a commuter bike to office which means I would mostly ride in business casual clothing. For quick errands, I would just wear shorts. I heard that engine heat is an issue with this bike. Do you have any personal experiences with that? Is it to the point where wearing dress pants is not feasible and legs in shorts get burnt? I also realize the engine is overkill for city commuting but the power delivery should be smooth enough to still ride civilized, correct?
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