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  1. congratulations for those who tried.. nobody is telling..i suppose all too busy riding on great fuel savers... or ..bikes afterv trying out sold..hahah
  2. hi Bro can rvd install ezzyoiler?

  3. Hi, you still have the alarms? Plus installations?

  4. Sir/Ma'am


    With regards to this post:

    Noontec media players..A3 N V12


    You may wish to know that no advertising is allowed. If you'd like to sell your stuff, please proceed to the Garage Sales section.


    Your post was taken off and will be stored for a limited time only if you would like it back.


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  5. yes..the ezzyoiler is a chain oiler..it lube/cleans your chain while you ride.. check out the EZZYOILER HERE... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/298400-lt-CMO-gt-Auto-EzzyOiler-Introductory-Offer..Bike-Voltmeter.. FOR THE DIY..the manual single tip kit is offered for a group diy...$20. i will be on hand to solve all the technical issues..while u diy...have fun..
  6. and bro...if anyone want to heat wrap exhaust...also can..
  7. thank you....then we can marvel at each other ride.... pick a date..haha diy date...and the fun begins.....
  8. steed is the more pwerful one...if you ask me... why? 2 carburetta.. slim and more aerodynamic.. just look at the shadow/steed...the shadow seem so beefy..i presume they weigh a ton more..hehe..
  9. ..second hand ezzyoiler...trade in are scrapped.. okay if mass diy...manual ezzyoiler single tip..$20..for a minimum group of 5..diy..means do it yourself...kit is provided only.. i will be on hand to solve all problems..ok?? once we have the group..we all can diy..together..the auto is rather complicated to diy..
  10. sure..if u want to...$7/m.... just call 91797182 and confirm collection time at bayshore rd..
  11. i wrap the exhaust for the above benefits...i did it because the exhaust pipe look horrible..rusty..when i bought the bike.. nowmy ride is cooler...do not feel the heat from the engines.
  12. i have my bike wrap 3 years ago...and so far has not seen any problem with it..
  13. i am not sure what u have.. the exhaust wrap is like a piece of cloth..50mm wide..2mm thick and come in rolls of 15m .. so you cut off whatever u need and wrap the header..secure it with steel hose clamps..one each end of the wrap..
  14. this is one of the easiest way..low cost too... to change the exhaust to a lower frequency..ie lower rumble. increase db ..louder, as a result of the higher velocity of exhaust gas.. this in turn cools down your engine==mean u can run engine at current temperature..output more hp.. this is the experience of those who done it..thats why racing enthusiast always wrap their exhaust...
  15. some infor.. Heat-Wrap is used to keep heat in, The same as insulating your home. When it comes to motorsport heat management is a crucial subject, especially when the vehicle is being used for fast road and track. Basically the aim is to keep as much heat out of the engine bay and in the exhaust as possible. The colder the engine and bay, the better the engine will run and perform. Wrapping your entire exhaust system will also allow a better gas flow, therefore more bhp! Resistant to a massive 800 degrees Celsius - Tight & Durable weave makes for a reliable, lo
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