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  1. Hey guys. New to the spark scene. My bike just got overhauled when i bought it. the salesman told me that i cant ride above 80km/hr for the first 3000km and that i can't rev too much. SUPER ANNOYING SEHHH. go on the AYE, even GIRLS in VESPAS overtaking me and stare. Sial uh... Can you guys share some knowledge in this "running in" period issue? so far i cleared 600+km and it has been 11 days since i got my bike.
  2. what do you mean redline? u mean the rpm?
  3. Hey guys. was just wondering. Just bought a secondhand bike that got overhauled. Itz a spark. The salesman at ASP told me not to go above 80km/hr for the first 3000km. I find this way toooo stressful especially when on the expressway even trailers overtake me! haha. so does anyone know anything about this if itz true? like 3000km?
  4. ouhhh mine didn't have a standard kit. Bought it secondhand bro. guess he lost it? hahaha... ouhhh okay2.can thank you! =)
  5. Hey guys. I just wanna know, what are like the basic tools to have under the seat incase of some loose screws and whatnot... I own a spark. So far i saw a set of allen keys, a flip screw driver... what else?
  6. ouhhh maybe wire loose eh? haha...it happens bro...it happens..
  7. xbish: Itz secondhand bro. Cpt.Zr: Yea thatz what im thinking too...
  8. ouhh okay2. tks for all ure comments bros. oredi bought my bike. tks. =)
  9. when i start the bike itz on for about say 15 secs? then while riding it won't be on until suddenly it pops up and the interval is about 10-20 secs or so...
  10. Im Recently bought a spark and itz still running in. But while riding i notice that my temp light (the red one) keeps randomly turning on and off. i brought it back to the shop and they said mayb e temp sensor spoil and so changed for me FOC. but as i was riding back from the shop, i encountered the same thing again. Has anyone experienced e same thing? if i know why atleast i can suggest to e shop what the prob might be.
  11. Hey guys. was just wondering. Is Koso meter LTA approved for spark?
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