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  1. Selling off my weekend motorcycle due to family objection to me riding.


    Bike in good condition.

    - Recent servicing done: Change of engine oil, coolant and sparkplug.

    - Last full overhaul completed in 2013.

    - Tires, clutch cables, chain and sprocket all changed about 2 months ago.


    FN plate, COE ending July 2016.


    Asking for $1500 for this great motorcycle.


    Please fix viewing appointment at 9-7-2-9-four-six-one-zero.



  2. Hey bro!


    Thanks for sharing the link.


    As I did not view his bike in person, I cannot ascertain the condition of his entire bike (not just the engine). He indicated his intention to sell the bike urgently, and hence he probably is willing to stomach a greater loss, in exchange for an urgent/quick sale.


    As for my bike, including top overhaul done, it is good to go for a long time. Taking into account all the recent add-ons, I am definitely making a loss. Still its better that someone who appreciates it will take over its ownership, since I rarely ride it these days.


    My loss is your gain.


    Let me know if you, or anyone you know, is interested in my XLR. Will arrange for viewing to attend to all your queries.

    Have a nice day! :)


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