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  1. SIL

    hi tim! LOL.. ur siggy like trance lyrics (Y)

  2. You can order them from pjme, which incidentally have a mass order going on! Bahahaha the coincidence right? Right?
  3. Seems to me your idle rpm is too low, what's your rpm at idle? If you even have a reading..
  4. Mines not what's the function of it?
  5. How much for '08 RS125 Spain no1 decal? Individual piece available? Left and right upper panels
  6. Go home.... Read! I'll do just that as well and I'll share anything I find.
  7. That's 3-5 litres per ??? Hmmm I'll read up more on tuning, appreciate any tips or useful sources.
  8. Believe tuning has got to do with trial and error as well, diy yourself is best. There are some guidelines to tuning which you can find online as well.
  9. Wanted to mention that as well, the mechanic usually tunes them to a common ratio but bike to bike varies. Usually you have to fine tune it yourself. On topic: what's the Milage difference between the OEM 28mm against the 32mm?
  10. Have you tried holding the clutch at it's biting and revving harder? Do not throw clutch or even release it slowly just hold it there. I had your problem until I figured that out myself
  11. Same way I do it, my bike responds well even when moving off a steep slope, keep the clutch in the biting zone. Never tried stock pipe before but I highly doubt thats your main problem
  12. I ride both a bike and drive a car so i also give bikes a good clearance. Depends on my luck I get pretty courteous drivers who wave when you give way, though there really are some messed up drivers on the road. E.g. CNY last year, on my way home on small roads, this girl smiling and talking in a stationary car, the moment she put to drive I knew something was wrong, slowed my car in case, true enough, she swerved out of her parking spot and thank you BBDC! With my feet already on the brake pedal jammed brake to a close finish barely an inch before I t-boned her car. Still smiled as if I wa
  13. As long as it's not prominent, I dont think they are really bothered.
  14. Where are you ordering from again? Xxes123
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