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  1. Aiyo...careful bro. Is the bike ok as well? Scars from accident while riding can be worn like a badge of honor....scars due to injuries from trying to park your bike in the carpark....pai seh sia wahahaha! :P
  2. U stay at redhill ah? June 15th pass...I think I have a mutual friend who passed around that time also and bringing out his krr150 tomorrow.
  3. Yup...loved the cool morning ride. This week was even better since we didn't fight to cut through jams or be busy trying not to bang into heavy vehicles or the numerous kups zooming past my kips and yet still trying to keep other in sight. Today was awesome. It was surreal to see first light breaking at Yishun dam over the cool lapping waters. The pace was just nice to take in the beautiful scenery of nature after the dam as well. We even got to ride on unopened paths where we had to make our own way. Simply awesome.
  4. Lol! Maybe its time to change batteries for your "chopper" bike. Lol. Perhaps it cant hold the charge anymore.
  5. Yup....definitely much more sleek and streamlined now!
  6. Why must high-rev out of carpark? Lol. Anyway I found a shop in Ang Mo Kio there that specialises in Led projects for automobiles. I saw a transformers metal logo with led embedded I think. Quite cool. Mayb u can install haha.
  7. It was recommended by one of the bros here. Anyway ya I am big size. 85kg.
  8. Yeah I use BT39. Same sizes. 230 front/280 rear for me.
  9. Hahaha...out of batteries? Whats that I reached home at 12pm after dawn patrol. Napped for an hour before going to help a friend with some work in Tampines at 1.30pm. Rear tyre punctured along the way due to sharp stone, I literally heard a loud *POM*!. Finished the work. Found my way from Tampines to Planet at Ubi to repair the tyre. Reached home again at 5.30pm. Cleaned up, used my computer a bit and napped from 6.30pm-7.30pm. Left house again to go fishing with my friend at Changi =D Came home finally at 4am this morning!
  10. No worries bro...I dun mind. I understand all of us have our viewpoints and perspectives. We are here to discuss, debate,argue and rebutt about topics on krr. No matter how fierce the discussion, it is nothing personal. We can agree to disagree while still learning and taking back the good pointers of each discussion. Everybody has something to learn from each other no matter how inexperienced or experienced. Peace. Out.
  11. Well....you want to feeeeeeeel the "rush". Try the "rush" that kicks in after 160km/hr. Sorry....no offence too....but "who-cares-about-your-pick-up" when I am going to whizz past you in another 10 seconds and you will never catch up again in the expressway? Krr or sportsbikes need the top-end just as much as a decent pick-up or it defeats the purpose of riding a sportsbike right? Otherwise can consider scramblers or Gilera runners. Stock sprocket for krr is good enough for Singapore roads and expressways. Decent pick-up and top-end.
  12. Bro....your fc so goooooood ah. Can sell me your bike? Better than Bajaj sia! LOL Hahaha...you are a damn funny guy.
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