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  1. I fell during my ebrake during warm up before the evaluation; luckily, nothing was broken and the worst being my elbow with a deep cut. It took me months to recover. idynamic has explained clearly about the techniques for ebrake and figure 8. My figure 8 was equally bad too because I was scared of falling and became too stiff; couldn't lean with the turn. The most important tip is to relax, see where you want to go and you will follow through. If you fix on the road or the kerb while rising inside the 8, you will fall or strike kerb. Maybe you can do some mental rehearsals on exactly w
  2. On the issue of balancing and stopping, gripping the tanks and looking ahead, instead of looking at the point where I want to stop, works for me. As for your 2nd query, i avoid lane splitting beside those heavy vehicles. Instead, I will do a lane change completely and overtakes that heavy vehicle. As far as possible, I avoid riding on the extreme left lane due to such heavy vehicles.
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