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  1. Hi Guys, Any vstrom WhatsApp discussion group ? Good to share pepss.. my hp:93884628 Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, Just got Vstrom 2009 few months back ,looking forward see Vstormers on the road. Stay safe & Ride safe !
  3. Hi Bro, might be ignition coil. see manual page 7-20. Fault code No. 34 Symptom Malfunction detected in the primary wire of the ignition coil (#2). Diagnostic monitoring code No. 31 Ignition coil (#2) Order Item/components Check or maintenance job Restore method 1 Connected state of connector Ignition coil primary side coupler (Gray/Red) Main wiring harness ECU coupler Check the coupler for any pins that may have pulled out. Check the locking condition of the coupler. If there is a malfunction, repair it and connect it securely. Reinstated by starting the engine and ope
  4. Hi Bros, Anybody interested for for Cameron 3 Day ride ? Morning ride on 8 May,10 May evening back to SIN. Can pm me hp:93884628. Current Riders 1.Min-tdm900 2.Zal-fjr 3.Zal's Friend
  5. Hi bro,keen but me going just 1 day ride.maybe can just tag along in 1st day,14 mar.then back in the evening.pm me at 93884628.
  6. Hi,

    letting go H&B box 45L & base rack for $200.

    box a bit damage but still can repair.

    email me at [email protected]

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