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  1. Bro i interested in tht husky 125.

  2. hye bro...i saw ur post saying u already riding the kawa z800...actually im interested on that bike...but just i received some good n bad feedback bout kawasaki...so far how the bike bro?.planning to buy it at M1 or S1 motoring seem their shop only available selling that bike...can spare ur 2sen bout the bike?.hope after buying it i will not regret la..

  3. buying PI does not mean its not covered for recall parts. If ur buying from a reputble shop, they will definitely do the same as what evershine is doing for recall units. regardless the parts ccomes from kawa to all bikes purchase doesnt matter from europe africa or wherever. my z800 also had its ABS recalled for some reason and my PI bike also get its replacement parts without issues. for anyones info, z800 is not gona be brought in by the agent. so if u want it u have to buy from other places that bring it in. there are tons of z800 on the msian roads. parts wont be an issue, the kawa fa
  4. what is meant to say is u go ur mech, he can source u for parts from Msia if need be.. many Kawa riders down there compare to here..dunno y pple dun like kawasakis here, they make really nice looking bikes...prob agent marketing..
  5. tats wat i like to hear...heh..well guess i have to wait next month..i saw the z800 malaysia page on fb reporting fc to be in 17-20km/l range which i think is quite awesome as well.. thanks much for ur info..
  6. nice..thanks for sharing..parts pricing are just like hondas n yamahas right? not like european bikes?
  7. hmmm thanks bro, are u riding a kawa? u get ur parts from across the causeway? i went to loois abt the z800 but his is the ABS version i presume it will be from europe stock, PI bike. jb agent is motomatic issit?
  8. Hi guys, Ive done watever research i can. But i needed more before i make my decision and i appreciate any inputs especially on pple who have first hand experience in this not just kopi talk. Anyway ive heard not so good stories about the agent of kawas here in terms of support comparing to our causeway neighbour. I heard kawa is really supported and big in msia. I plan to get a class 2 kawa but im more afraid of the aftersales support in terms of parts availability etc. Any guys riding the z1000 or versys etc can share info if u ever bought urs from evershine? if the support is nt great t
  9. lol, wat he simply means is that the psb sticker is bullcrap.. DOT and SNELL testing is way more comprehensive then PSB, imagine a 500$ arai/shoei helmet with no psb sticker yet a 30$ loca one will have.. cheers
  10. how can there be a difference of 6k just for coe,road tax,insurance,iu and other paperwork money.. doesnt make sense the machine price is definitely higher than 7k. Its closer to 10k
  11. yes sir thats my ride now..u can see more from my profile pics..cheers
  12. i agree ester/castor base 2t oils are gd for blasting and sweet smell but if u seldom ride hard avoid them, base on my experience the carbon build up if you always ride slow is alot on the exhaust and piston..use according to riding style..fully synthetic burns cleaner..cheers
  13. muc off got brake cleaner also..but the pink bike cleaner is thumbs up.. Trust Pink, Forget Stains..wooot
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