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  1. Hi, any of your friends can do simple bookkeeping or not? Partial accounts plus excel knowledge. 5 day week, 9-6pm. Email [email protected]

  2. anyone knows the price to rent a pit at pg , Or already renting one .
  3. The odo meter for 2b i think its inaccuarte at higher speed etc 120km/hr and above .... There was once i tested with my friend`s gilera , My sp and his gilera side by side , both showing 80km/hr , Next day i drove my dad`s car and drove side by side with my friend`s gilera , both car/bike odo showing 80km/hr . Few days later , i rode next to my friend`s blackbirb , my odo show 140 while his showing 120 , but at lower speed etc 80+ , our odo reads the same. So u guys catch what the **** i talking about or not.
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