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  1. Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight XL1200X Selling price: SGD$ 15,500 Reg date: Dec 2011 Color: Matt Black/Chrome ( Original was Orange ) COE END: 27 Dec 2021 (renewable) Number of owners: 3 Contact via whatsapp: 9106 six - nine - eight - eight [ATTACH=CONFIG]341081[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]341080[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi anyone letting go HD Sissy Bar suitable for Sportster?

    Give me a shout 88099584. Thanks



    Hi, Not too sure if you still need what you're looking for.

    I have 1 taken out from 2012 Harley-Davidson XL1200X Sportster Forty-Eight

  3. good morning/afternoon pipple. its been more than a decade since I last saw some old friends. And, hello to some new people/names :-) -Vince
  4. boss Andrew,


    A friend of mine member here cannot remember password and not able to login his registered hotmail account.

    So he is asking me if I could help by asking you to reset his email from [email protected] [email protected]


    He whatsapp me and I could not reset his password.

    So I need a help from you.


    To verify, I can be reach via whatsapp or cell 9106 6988




  5. suppose to be PM

  6. Whenever there's makan session, you're always around. Likey likey likey.
  7. Hey Kev, No lead needed. But I am seeing you, hamster, loon and some of the rest doing very well in here. Let's arrange a meetup someday and have coffee and talk about anything under the moon okie. Really didn't want to hold up for rolling the wheel at 50km/h :-( Cheers!
  8. Hi Ben, it's been a long time since I see you on the road. Still knocking peoples door to ask people to pay up? Cheers!
  9. got some free time last night. Rode to the regular bird park and didn't see anyone there. Then, ride ownself blow wind. It's been a long time since start rolling there again :-) meep meep
  10. Happy birthday!!!

  11. bro ur tank pad, gas cap MO closed liao ah?

  12. bro , culd you contact me at 83337947 ... i wanna order ,,, 6meters - 30 bucks rite ?? black ... thanks

  13. Bro i wana get e exhast wrap frm u. Care sms mi. Doy 92225588

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