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  1. I suspect you look like Ultimate Warrior. Reason why they say sorry?
  2. Hahaha...IF that happen...you'll be witnessing Super 4 Breaking the Sound Barrier. Too fast to cabut.
  3. Next time if you see me just stop me. I dun mind posing for you with my bike . Bring camera. Wahlao...I suggest u better inform the police of their behavior. If kena by me...I'll play along till one of us goes down! Wah fierce sia me...
  4. Your lucky... AS for me...while riding I saw this lady riding the new generation vespa. Why I know its a lady. Coz the long hair came out from her Helmet la. She look very small. Maybe good lah riding Vespa coz it suits her. While riding behind...we stop at the traffic light. I purposely lift my visor and look on the right. maybe if she turn I can just smile. Skali when I did that.... KNN...AH BENG. One thing for sure...he really takes good care of his hair...damns..
  5. Yeah that Bitubo is a Good Deal man..too bad no money But the Headlight I dunno can fit non-vtec or not.
  6. I always ride 90-100kph Yeah..maybe if I ride 70-90kph maintain then the milage will be better.
  7. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179743 Something for u guys to consider.
  8. Wow...thats good even with a full system Mine 380+Reserve
  9. The feeling nice rite? same to the Hodaka Balancer. No worries of handlebar moving by its own. Ride 100km handsfree also ok. 30km handsfree also ok.
  10. Erm...its near the Mandai army,police training camp and Mandai Training Village. Kranji camp is inside the Sungai Kadut.
  11. Yalah. My Workplace also near Mandai Road. Everyday take my Lunch with Monkeys (Actually my collegues at work) lol. I'm working in Furniture industries...
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