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  1. Hi guys, just want know, anyone riding the Midnight Star XVS 1300 or 1900? Due to sudden budget, thus i was not able to afford my dream bike of Harley Road King Classic. I might venture into the large cruiser section of XV 1900 Midnight Star....anyone riding that monster? Looks good....32K brand new..
  2. Hi Bro,


    You have the 6 inch risers? Thx

  3. Hi i am interested in a brand new CB400 Revo. I have a tw200 FBE 1 yr old bike to trade in. Pls pm mi the OTR exclude insurance. thanks.
  4. Check with HKL or unique motorsports for aftermarket radiators.........should you found something applicable, please share. I getting my revo soon....
  5. 1500 rpm when idling is normal for a revo. the rpm can be lower manually by the mechanics. Whether it will stall the bike or not, i am not so sure. Btw, is your revo damn ****ing hot on both sides?
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