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  1. even if rain also will not notice the problem straight away... will take a few days one... kekeke...
  2. Voltmeter.... Order 5 @ $25 Order 10 @ $23 1. EJ 2. EJ 3. e|ement 4. pipi 5. [email protected] 6. turbocharge (seldom online. contact 92331298) 7. Totalpet 8. Refugee 9. ayunzz28 10. fabianpbs 11. bigbounce (96867254) 12. Nemesis_5k (82888807) 13. jamesgoh13 (94368956) 14. wang zi 15. wingz 16. kennethy
  3. danny, interested in this voltmeter? http://sg.auctions.yahoo.com/sg/i:Shadow%20Digital%20LED%20Volt%20Voltage%20Meter%2C%20Gauge:250223604 not expensive, ($25). and I think it is quite cool and easy to hide unlike the round ones... there is an MO going on page 13 onwards http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72447&page=13
  4. Updates to the following trip in blue Genting & KL 3D/2N Date: 21 March 2008 - 23 March 08 (Good Friday) Day: Friday - Sunday Leave Application: Not Applicable Meeting Time: TBC (most likely around 6am) Meeting Point: TBC (most likely GP Esso) Note: closing date is 20 Feb 2008 for hotel booking purpose Confirmed Going: 01) Kennethy (no pillion) 02) RageMyDream + Gin Gin 03) MiCmAsTa + MiCmIsSy 04) RogerX11 + AnnX11 05) zelot Plan A, still go and stay in Genting first world hotel, Danny will attempt to book the hotel at tour agency, ELSE, Plan B, stay in KL
  5. Hi Kelvin, Can give a bit more details about the OWS 210 Engine Flush, Engine Protector and Gas Treatement... And roughly how often should bike do such servicing. Cos I never see other bike shops offer such service before. Would be interested to know more...thanks.
  6. ___RIDE___ Nite out + Discussion for Good Fri Road Trip Date: 16 Feb 08 Day: Saturaday Meeting Pont : Blk 354A Woodland Ave 1 coffeeshop #01-01 Meeting Time: 9pm onwards Objective: Settle the details for the Good Fri Trip (those who are not present will not have your say) Going: 01) MiCmAsTa + MiCmIsSy 02) kennethy + joey 03) 04) 05) ps : Optional to have supper in JB so bring along your passport
  7. no problem for me... anyway, I spoken to Danny... he will be sending a note for all to meet up tomorrow to discuss and confirm on the matter.
  8. why ask me? dun make it sound like i am the fuzzy one leh...
  9. yah... but i guess even by 20th there will still be no place named... typical of the people here... most will just sit and wait...
  10. so, still no confirmation on the Good Friday Trip?
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