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  1. hey u still selling BB phone? 8700 or 8707?

  2. if they dont wan den bo bian liao lor.. 400 plus + 650 enought to maintain a opc?
  3. hi guys , i will be enlisted into ns in march , thinking of whether i wan to sign on . if sign on will probably be getting ard 2k per month . my dad will continue to give me allowance of 650 per month .. can i own a car with the amount i will be getting? my dad dont wan to get car for me . im below 18 if i really have the means to pay every month also cannot get a automotive loan right? got any possible ways anot ah? OPC also can lei. aiming for hyundai getz .. =(
  4. BRO tp good meh?? one day u will die on the road. hahaha kidding..
  5. i better not talk abt mine in case my current gf find this thread someday. HAHA
  6. agree bro. haha good luck to ur love life from now ba. hahaha
  7. most commonly seen is last min mia lor.. hate it man. when u waste ur time staying somewhere to wait for them and they play u out. sigh..
  8. wa serious?? sad to the max sia.. i also scare when girl join hands. damn scary. dua u untill jialat.. haha..see which one u love more . considering the cup sizes too HAHAHA kidding bro..!!
  9. bro i buy contacts at far east at only 12 per pair eh.
  10. haha use detergent sure clean.hehe jus kidding bro. =) i use sunsilk (orange colour) conditioner first and leave for awhile before using shampoo and den conditioner again . sure nice nice smooth smooth
  11. omg like dat i can go back and tell them i called them too..
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