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  1. Lol. Those are just prices tagged to the numbers. Willing buyer willing seller. Truth be told, log in again after 6-7 years and u will still see majority of these plates here. Personally, i feel some of them are way too expensive. ☺️
  2. Selling a Golden Mobile Number. Suitable for businessmen and sales marketing personnel. 8x8-8y-8x8 Only 3 Digits involved, 5 x "8" digit AND only the biggest numbers of the keypad are involved.!! Start the new year with a new lucky number. Huat all the way! Interested parties pm me your price. I will consider and reply accordingly.
  3. Wear long pants laaa. Why wanna wear shorts/berms and ride a r1? Sure look very obiang. Haha. Long pants solves the problem. Anyways i think if u speed up to 100km/h the heat will usually dissipate and its rideable. Good luck and enjoy ur r1!!
  4. WuYa

    u sux -10char

  5. unisim now got 40% govt grant. thats a savings of about 10-12k when compare it with UOL degrees. i am feeling so sad now even if change to unisim now oni save about 1k odd but extra 1 yr. anyone knows or can suggest how best to take advantage of the govt grant? can just hop course?? from uol to unisim? sianz..
  6. wah..throw so many 50 cents.. throw into my piggy bank la.. and reading that last line about quitting forum with a silly angel icon.. damn bloody funny..haha.. hmm..why single me out sia? if ask me.. i will say i rather have power that i CANNOT utilise than one day be hungrier for more power. ever since i got my 2b aprilia when i started riding out and having seriously RESTRICTED power, i told myself then..that its better to have unlimited power!! just like power rangers!! so my choice will be r1 although the r6 is too powerful indeed.. but r1 MORE unutilised power.
  7. hmm...i dun rem at all.. my memory is bad..haha.. and ya me also cant afford to crash.. no $$.. btw it doesnt ring a bell..u are? and yes sbf is always full of entertainment.. machiam WWE.. are u the one who bought the susp from me? hmm... crashing on track days= something to prove?? well.. i miss limpeiwah.. he makes this place interesting.. i chose r1 because i like '1' more than '6' i think ah boy is a good place to buy batteries whereas for tools, mustafa center offers a wide range
  8. oooh twat... come on show them that u are NOT a conservative person and that ppl here dun ride like pussies..go for the kulai outing and show them that u are not a pussies(singular kena sensor...bo pian must put plural form) rider!
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