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  1. Bought this bike 3 month ago, fully rebuilt it but medical condition doesn't allow me to ride anymore. Bike still in running in condition and has only clocked 1500km so far. • Letting go at 2000 firm. • COE till 28 Sep 2019 (Renewable) • Whole Engine Rebuilt (With Receipt) • New Paint Work (Skyline Metallic Blue) • One Of The Most Unique 2b Bike Around • Upsized Tyre For Maximum Stability • Many Aftermarket Parts Kindly look through the receipt for the repairs, items changed included crank shaft, crank shaft bearings, gearbox gears, piston, racing carb, aftermarke
  2. Hi guys, anyone knows which motor shop do reloan for a 2b bike? I am selling my kr and is helping a couple of interested buyer with cash issue to seek a alternate solution. I have check a few shop and they don't do reloan to 2b bike especially old 2 stroker. Thanks in advance.
  3. • COE till 2020 Sep (Renewable) • Letting go at $5800 • Bike currently under lay up • Have receipts for most replaced parts • Have rebuilding video and pictures I am selling my Kawasaki Kips Krr150 with a extremely heavy heart. I have rebuilt it straight after I bought the bike last year, Not just a overhaul but in fact a full rebuilt of the bike The whole engine was down, crankshaft, crankshaft bearing, all the individual gears, clutch housing, regardless if they are usable or not, I basically replaced all of it. *** ITEMS THAT HAVE BEEN CHANGED *** - New Gear Comp
  4. Hey peeps, just dropping by to say hi, haven't logged in to sbf for quite long. Ride safe everyone and god bless.
  5. Hi guys, Selling Non OEM Carburetor replacement. Brand New. Two Model, Pull Choke Type & Cable Pull Type. Contact me at 87422414 for pictures and more information.
  6. I wish to inform everyone about a rogue motorshop that did not honor their agreement and hence brought me and my wife much inconvenience and displeasure. My wife wanted to buy a motorcycle and decided to patronize their shop HL Cycle at Kaki Bukit Avenue 6's AutoBay because others have talked of its good reputation. Over there, My wife found a motorcycle which she liked. We signed the hire purchase agreement immediately with an agreed downpayment of $800. I gave them $300 first and both parties agreed that the remainder will be settled a week before the bike is collected. My wife wanted to cha
  7. .BlackSun.

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  8. btw maybe u can try hassan shop? they are good cos they ride monster kr themself and they know alot of kr stuff except piston spoilt, they can strip your whole block in ten mins,, and its cheap too:cheeky:
  9. i few year ago gana caught was fined $500 but i heard now is $750, so imo $750 can change to rm 1700 and u can change ALOT ALOT of great powerful stuff, thats why i always tell my fren not to touch endcan haha, unless u everyday also got pray GUAN DI:cheeky: btw u did porting from hassan shop or other shop? powerful?
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 DEC 2009 WEDDING ESCORT CONVOY Venue to meet up: Blk 940 Tampines Ave 5 Time: 1130am Date: 27 Dec 2009 Sunday Convoy escort to: Blk 555 Jurong St 42 Escorting riders: 1) Valarie
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