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  1. selling cheap $1.5k, coe expiry date 29 feb 2024. daelim roadwin vj125 carburetor model, for motorcycle enthusiast. conditions: iu defective, fork seal leak, plastic fraying, old tire, etc. 16l tank, enough for 400km conservative riding, tuned for performance. interested leave a message here, will get in touch through text message/email. old man, hearing impair, poor health, neet, bike park covered idle. thank you for reading.
  2. u should forget about the old rvf (Ruin Very Fast) obsolete bike, save up n upgrade to class 2 lic. look forward n dream about this, the new RVF (Run Very Fast) http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/newsandupdates/motorcycle_news/122_1106_honda_rvf1000r_coming_soon/index.html. http://image.motorcyclistonline.com/f/newsandupdates/motorcycle_news/122_1106_honda_rvf1000r_coming_soon/36478983+pheader_460x1000/122-1104-01-o+honda-rvf1000r-superbike+.jpg
  3. stock bike is always set run lean coz fuel map by manufacturer to meet emission std. lean engine runs hot, leaner hotter still. richer air/fuel mix engine runs cooler. install Power Commander V, remap fuel with stock exhaust, set it to run richer than stock. engine will runs cooler n better power/torque/performance.
  4. if u approach honda agent BS, they will tell u they wont support rvf, in term of spare parts or repairs. even if u ask them to import rvf parts, BS wont do it. spare parts have been imported by parallel importers, its harder to import rvf parts since there arent any more rvf scrapped in japan.
  5. rvf400 n fz400 were imported from japan were 2nd hand. check the manufacturing date, not registration date in sillypore. not surprising these obsolete bikes r decade older.
  6. API multi-grade 20w-50,40,30.....r viscosity indexes. the last two digits indicates its viscosity (flow resistant) at operating temperature. '50' is the thickest flow resistant of oil at operating temperature (>100 deg C). do not use '60', there r some in the market. it is too thick as it might coz stresses to internal moving parts. '50' is the most suitable for air/oil cool engine. '40' is for water-cool engine. '30' is for those cold countries where there r snow or ambient temp below 15 deg C. as for 'W' in the first two digits, it means 'Winter'. '20W' at sub zero temperature,
  7. use the correct engine oil for the type of engine tat the oil is design for. for example; use motorcycle engine oil for motorcycle, use automotive oil for car. dont use automotive (car) engine oil becoz it is cheaper. this illustrate how good royal purple engine oil is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC2snrIAU2w
  8. mustafa, top 4th floor, car accessoies display n sell maxima eo. tried Maxima’s Maxum4 Synthetic Blend 20w-50, dont like it. still prefer rp max-cycle 20w-50 engine oil. sprocket ratio (sr) = rear sprocket divide front sprocket. stock sr can pull up pass 10k rpm but vibrate a lot at top speed. eg, sr=42t/14t=3.0 (stock, its the same as 45t/15t=3.0) sr=44t/15t=2.9 (i'm currently using this sr) sr=42t/15t=2.8 (reduce vib) sr=40t/15t=2.6667 (lesser vib than above sr but slack pickup, increase top speed going down slope). rw lacking horsepower, engine rev will top at 9~9.2k rpm @ 110
  9. this illustrate how good royal purple engine oil is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC2snrIAU2w
  10. there no need to use high end tires. they r expensive n rwR cant use it's potential like high speed ('ZR' rating max >240kph) or even warm up the tire rubber to have good grip on the tarmac. rwR can use for rear tire size 130/70-17 or 140/70-17. size 150/60-17 might be too wide, thicker chain like 'X' or 'XW' might rub against the tire. try bridgestone bt039 or bt045 with speed rating of 'H' (max speed 180kph) is good n cheaper (front+rear cost about S$200+). i'm using bt045 on my rw. u need to understand wat u r buying. dont waste money just becoz of super spec, rwR cant use its ful
  11. check front brake disc rotor might have a high spot. like a warp disc rotor will gallop when braking.
  12. this explain how aprilia performance ride control work much clearer.
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