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  1. Alrite lah i suppose, always go JB pump also about the same. There queue here also queue. But at least there'll be more, about 3 more stations coming up.
  2. Tks for yr info... if really cheaper mayb can consider. $49k is gimmick-free i hope. Gas input-wise and the fact that taxis are also using the vehicle is perhaps personal, how u see the thing from another angle. In fact, maybe thats why prices are lower for these models. For me, why not.
  3. So far besides hybrid, of which CNG system is in-built as default, 1) What other cars have CNG system already built-in into their system? (Understood that in normal car to CNG conversion, a large gas tank has to be installed in the car?) 2) What are the incentives of buying a CNG car? ie. tax rebate etc. Thanks for help.
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