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  1. Hi willing to deal 4.5k, can deal anytime. 97168988 Tks

  2. aug

    Hi bike avail? Very keen your bike can offer at least 4.5k. Pls text me at 86983378 Tks.

  3. Hi I am interested in your number plate aj5y. How much do u plan to let go? Thanks. My number is 96633930

  4. hi my fren ask me to pm you


    i would like to respray my vespa gt200 to white. currently its in original white but with scratches and a dent.


    can you pls give me a quote?

  5. Hi guys, recently i bought myself a bike with a // twin engine, carb model. idling is smooth, high rev is smooth. but from 1krpm till 6k rpm, the engine is very rough, feels like the petrol nv enter when on the move, the bike is like choking, going to die off, cannot rev up, but engine will nv die off. just changed spark plugs. totally removed the air filter but problem still persists.
  6. ya, like tat launder at most $200k? anything more will be too loud and attract attention. those sitting on millions very hard to wash i believe. they are better off buying winning toto tickets from others
  7. But this is avoiding payable tax by the employer. the crucial thing is, how can the employer launder this $120k? i tink $120k is a small amount, can launder easily. how about turning $1 million and above to clean money?
  8. which shop in sg got sell? any idea the price?
  9. wa lan murphy, u got my fb u dun pm me in fb? any ratings for your rectifier set up? meaning now u entirely using the hi beam switch independently?? i tried rectifer b4 but failed miserably. in the end just add relay and switch between pin 85/86 and a DC source. i used ignition
  10. i tried to post with the link but somehow it is shortened. can anyone help? the sexy lady was a pillion on an R1 when a driver took a picture of her. nothing much actually, but i think part of her panty (probably 5%) was revealed.
  11. I just read an article from STOMP regarding pillions who reveal Pls remind your pillion to dress carefully so as not to distract other rd users but i guess this is more applicable to sportsbikes. other bikes like scooters are more friendly.
  12. hi, the throw of the light really depends on the design of your headlamp reflector.


    If you install HID, the throw of the light will or more be the same. However, becoz it is much brighter, it feels like it has improved throw.


    do u wish to try out the HIR halogen first? It is 50% brighter than stock, and also much cheaper than HID




    Pls visit our website for our shop's address :)

  13. Hai there paiseh,


    just wanna ask you about the HID lamps..... I am using a vtec 2 with version R head lamp. I have been using different types of bulb just to get the brightness but to no avail because version r head lamps aren't that good as the rounded head lamps of super 4. Can you advice me on this as i am a regular traveler to JB and sometimes are scared to ride in the night as my lights aren't that bright enough.


    Thank You

  14. Kiyonari, Rainee and Itoh

  15. hi bro. what bulb can i use for my drz?

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