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  1. Hi. I'm interested in your px 150. please contact me thru whatsapp at 945-11-696. thanks

  2. haha i see i see. thanks dude. will check wing yap out. cheers!

  3. hey sifz, that isnt my bike though, cool. i just got mine on january(: well, for tail light and seat you can take a look at wing yap motor. you can ask the price there, + there's loads of spark accessories for sale.

  4. nice spark bro. definitely the cleanest i've seen. just got mine of a recent. was wondering where you change your tail light and the seat, and the price? thanks in advance. cheers!

  5. hi there, i'm interested in your tw200. been wanting a tw for a very long time, but there are some queries that i have regarding the bike. the old tw doesn't have a front disc brake right? isn't that dangerous? how do you handle it? will be much appreciated if you can help me out here as i'm a noob and still looking around for my first bike. how much you selling your tw btw? thanks dude!

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