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  1. Hi there, doing fine. Just popping to look around, feel like going back to riding again.
  2. Hi everyone, former biker rider staying West side !!
  3. Its not just the bike shop but also the bike condition is the one of the factor the rest would be on administration and after sales. That time to look around for the bike you intend to get and do a comparison
  4. How is Ah Chong doing, didn't get to see him when I was nearby few days back.
  5. Thanks for texting me yesterday MS, but was with my Honda Group yesterday @ WCM, actually another group was at Sheng Siong near your place. Heehee... Hope to catch up with U some other time.
  6. Guys any recommendation to do engine flushing and tuning for my CBR600RR?
  7. No need to heckal so much justbring your ride out to test for the final verdict. Heehee..
  8. Do ride carefully with all those road work, quite uneven.
  9. Got organise another bike excursion up the causeway?
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