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  1. how much you willing to trade with FBD YBR125?

  2. recently i went to my mechanic to replace cam chain tensioner and clutch plate. the mech says that the engine of ta200 is similar to that of xr200, and so he uses xr200 cam chain tensioner. also, he advice me to top up 2l of engine oil, reason being that xr200 requires 1.8l of engine oil, and therefore ta200 also need as much engine oil. bike seems ok so far. any comments?
  3. hey bros, sometimes i got problem with starting the engine. I turn on ignition, got neutral light and headlight, but when i press on the starter button, nothing happens. usually, when that happens, i just have to push the bike for a short distance and the starter would work normally once more. can anyone advice me on the problem? thanks
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