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  1. SOLD PRICE: $4999 (Negotiable for fast deal) Registration Date: 2001 COE: 2021 Road Tax: April 2017 Mileage: 150,000km Reason for Sales: Quit Riding Servicing and Maintenance - Serviced injectors, throttle body, coolant hose, thermostat, steering cone, wheel bearings, clutch plates, sprockets, chain and more in 2015 (receipt to proof) - Replace engine oil every 4000km or 3 months, oil filter and spark plug every alternative oil change - Brake pads change 2 weeks ago Accessories - Scorpion Pipe (Will provide original exhaust) - Volt Meter - GiPro Gear Indicator - Fra
  2. do you have pictures of your bar end mirror?

  3. inbox full ah!

  4. saw your post in s4 forum,if u don mind we create group in fb for petrol..if don mind leave me yr fb add..

  5. Hi. U convert the light behind use led or bulb? How much you charge for cb400 meter? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Don't mind exchanging with top up if good price. If not currently I only have spare tank...

  7. bro u sell ur fairing not?

  8. what is the ezzyoiler for huh? not v sure yet. clean the chain?
  9. @ezzyoiler you mean wrap alr, the sound will change w/o modding inside? x1 got legal pipe to change meh? and if not heat wrap, put long time will come off? if can change sound, might be interested also =)
  10. awwwwww... another day man. btw, any mods can make our bike sound nicer also?
  11. think can cancel ba. only me and u =(
  12. bro block is part of the engine right? big bore kit machiam overhaul alr right?
  13. bro means ony pickup faster? top speed wise?
  14. bro, duno why got ppl tell me their x1 top speed stock can reach 130. possible meh? and oh i din know gps iphone can see speed. i also heard from my friend 2b bike need minus 20km/h, but i feel like the lower the speed the lesser the difference is between our speed and car speed. and oh if meetup successful mayb can ask you all the things i want do to my bike and worth it or not. hahaha... and i feel 100km/hr(actual speed) is abit too slow on expressway leh lol... i want make around 120 - 130, talking about the speed on car meter. will porting the carb and changing a larger header be enough to
  15. sunday if u all want i ok. wah! the paintwork cheap leh. sgd104 only. what is u all x1 top speed. mine straight road 110 to 120 only leh. i feel abit slow.
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