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  1. Hi all. Anyone scrapping their bikes soon? Im looking for some parts for replacement. Please do update me if any.
  2. Care to include the pics. Thks bro
  3. I heard noises like grinding around my engine compartment while riding. Is due to my timing chain or other faults?
  4. Mine too i mod dual light. Will eat up the battery fast? Btw where you guys place your mod horn at? Im still thinking where to put as is a slightly bigger than the original horn. I come in pair? The only place i can see is at the outside of both radiator. Seem really ugly to me. Need suggestion.
  5. You ride up your bike to krabi? Awesome... It is a really nice place. Been there before for holiday but fly to there
  6. Morning all... Manage to escape the downpour yesterday. Was dry and my bike clean and shine because i wash it a day before the convoy. Have a great time joining the convoy and met alot of fazerians. Hope to ride with you all again. Thks jairz for helping to take the pictures of me with the models, thks charles for treating me brunch, thks skai for the cashcard. Cheers~
  7. Me interested.. How much total includin shipment price?
  8. Need your recommendation on hotels in KL which have basement to park our bikes
  9. Wad time is the meet up on Sat at lks?
  10. Awin

    nice avatar pic.

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